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Compare Energy Companies in Tennessee. is an online Energy Companies directory to find best Electricity Providers available in your area. Here you can find and compare electricity plans, prices, terms, features, and promotion offers. Compare electricity rates and choose best energy company that fits your budget and need.

Find out which Energy service providers is service in your area, and compare Energy provider's fixed rate energy plans, variable rate energy plans, traditional energy plans and renewable energy plans. With a wide variety of energy plans available in the market, you may find a plan that has lower rate than your current plan. You may switch to fixed rate energy plans or variable rate energy plans depending on your monthly average usage. You may also want to consider switching to an energy provider that uses renewable energy.

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Below is the list of leading energy companies in Tennessee serving Tennessee residential customers.

Appalachian Power
Appalachian Power Electricity Plans for Tennessee residents
Plan Name Rate Term Features
Residential Service 4.873 cents per KWH Month-to-Month
  • Service Charge: $7.30 per month
  • These tariffs are available only to customers of Kingsport Power Company, which is registered to do business in Tennessee as Appalachian Power.
  • Available for residential electric service through one meter to individual residential customers including rural residential customers engaged principally in agricultural pursuits.